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About Natasha

As I mentioned on the home page my name is Natasha and I am a counsellor, sandplay therapy & symbol work provider and group facilitator.  

I work under the name Kaptivate Consulting and that's why this website is called  You can read more about Kaptivate Consulting
, my core values and combined mission and vision statement here at the bottom of this page.

The remainder of this page is dedicated to letting you know a little more about me
and my qualifications, professional memberships, background, general specialities/expertise and my support networks. Alternatively there are other sections of this website that may be of interest.  For example: 
  1. To read about the Services I provide please visit the 'Services' page. 
  2. The 'Feedback' page shares some of the feedback I've been given over the years from clients, group members, colleagues and business associates.
  3. If you want to contact me, please access the 'Contact Us' page.
My Background 

I have worked with people in the helping professions since 1998.   Currently I work as a face to face counsellor and I see individual, adult clients, from all walks of life for counselling and/or sandplay therapy and symbol work.

Previously in my career I was a telephone counsellor on Youthline's crisis line, a mentor for volunteers coming through the Youthline network and a group facilitator for various Youthline groups. 

Additionally I've spent many years working in, and with, many businesses, both large and small, in a multitude of industries and capacities.  I bring all of these experiences, skills and expertise to my work as a face to face counsellor.

I have specialist expertise in personal development/communication skills and telephone counselling training.  Colleagues continue to call on me for professional support in these capacities as well as for general business support.

I have previously operated my private practice from offices in Glenfield and Ponsonby in Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand.  However I have now relocated within the Timaru area so if you would like to make an appointment in Timaru please contact me using the below 'make contact' link. 

You are welcome to contact me at any time if you would like to set up an introductory appointment or ask any questions. 
I am generally able to respond to enquiries within 24 hours, on the next working day.   I also welcome students and trainees from within the helping professions who would like to undertake their own counselling or sandplay therapy process.

f you are a service provider or you have loved ones you would like to refer to me you are welcome to pass my details to them.  You can make contact with me by calling me and leaving a message or sending me an email.   

Qualifications & Professional Memberships  

*Dip. Psychosynthesis Counselling (NZ Institute of Psychosynthesis) [1]
*Cert. Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work (Expressive Therapies Institute of Australia) [2]
*Acred. Group Facilitator (Youthline NZ)
*Acred. Phone Counsellor (Youthline NZ)
*Acred. Senior Face to Face Counsellor (Youthline NZ)
*M.N.Z.A.C. (Member NZ Association of Counsellors )
*C.T.A.A.N.Z. (Member Creative Therapies Association of Aotearoa)

[1] This Diploma is a Level 7 NZQA qualification and is recognised by NZAC and CTAANZ.  Level 7-10 qualifications are classed by NZQA as Graduate and Post Graduate qualifications. 

[2] This qualification is a post graduate-style qualification.

Further Training 

In addition to my formal qualifications and certifications above, I have undertaken various workshops, seminars and courses over the years.  These include a fundamental exploration of the following modalities (which means ways of working) .  From time to time I may incorporate aspects from these modalities in my work along with Psychosynthesis and Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work:
* Rogerian Client Centred Counselling
* CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
IDT (Interactive Drawing Therapy)
* NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
* Psychodietetics

My Experience 

I have specific experience in working with the following areas:

    * Depression
    * Anxiety
    * Grief
    * Relationships and relationship issues
    * Life Transitions
    * Anger
    * Physical Illness
    * Stress/Burn Out
    * Spirituality
    * Work Issues
    * Personal Development
    * Mentoring

I also specialise in working with men and women who want to live more fulfilling lives.  Very basically this means that if you are looking to make some kind of change in your life, that will positively impact the way you feel about yourself,  your life and/or those around you, then I am well equipped to support you in this process.

I work with adults of all ages (adults in this case being anyone aged 18 to 108!)  from all walks of life and all orientations.  I am accepting and welcoming of difference of all kinds and have been described by close friends and colleagues as being caring, considerate and relatively non-judgemental (I say relatively because we are all human and we all judge because having judgements are part of our survival mechanisms).  Common examples of difference include our gender, sexuality, race, spiritual beliefs/religion (and/or not having spiritual beliefs/religion), socio-economic status and culture.

Supervision & Ongoing Training/Support 

As a professional counsellor I am committed to undertaking regular Supervision
[3], personal therapy and ongoing extension training.  I believe these are vital elements which aid counsellors in continuing to be effective and well balanced in their work and in life. NZAC also acknowledges these aspects as being important and vital for all professional counsellors. 

[3] Supervision in this context refers to professional counsellors sharing the process of their work with experienced Senior colleague(s) to enable them to work as efficiently and optimally as possible on an ongoing basis; once their formal tertiary training has been completed.

We never work alone and as Sandra Day O'Connor once said (America's first female supreme court judge)  -   "We don't accomplish anything in this world alone... and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one's life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something."

For this reason it is also important to me to acknowledge that I do not work in isolation.  I am supported by many networks of people, groups and organisations in my life and work.  Most particularly I want to acknowledge the invaluable support I continue to receive from my partner, friends, family, colleagues and business associates.   Thank you to you all.

About Kaptivate Consulting (which is the name under which I work)
First-off a little about this word, 'Kaptivate'.    As you might have guessed, Kaptivate means the same thing as it's more traditional counterpart, 'captivate', except it has a little more kick, thanks to the letter 'k'! 

The way I look at it, we get one chance to live this life.  So I want to make the absolute most of it!  I'm passionate about seeking out those things in life that kaptivate me; be they people, ideas or experiences.   For me life is about experiences, both having experiences and the way we then make sense of our experiences.  I'm immensely willing to share my discoveries because I want everyone to have the opportunity to live the most fulfilling life possible.  You will see various quotes on this site that have kaptivated me in my life - I hope you enjoy too!

My Core Values
Lewis Carol once said "If you don't know where you're going any road will get you there!"  That's why having a mission and a vision are very important and you can read about my mission and vision below.   Values are vital too though, in that they operate like a compass, providing clear direction about 'how' we travel the road through life.   I live by five core values:
1.    Integrity

2.    Courage
3.    Kindness
4.    Respect 
5.    Equity (being fair)

Mission & Vision Statement
Someone once said, "Your Success Is My Success" - I love this concept and I live and breathe this ethos.  With this in mind, my combined 'Mission & Vision Statement' for Kaptivate Consulting is displayed below in italics. 

It's a combined statement because life is always about both aspects; what we are 'being' (our mission) and what we are 'becoming' (our vision). 

These are also core principles and focuses of Psychosynthesis, which is my primary counselling modality (which means the way I work) and I honour the immensely positive and healing impact that Psychosynthesis offers the world by incorporating these joint focuses in my combined mission and vision statement below:

Mission & Vision Statement For Kaptivate Consulting Ltd

"To help people live more fulfilling lives by providing heartful, creative and innovative Services. 

Core services include counselling, sandplay therapy & symbol work, consultation services & group connections. 

Kaptivate continues to evolve, finding new ways to help people have more joy & creativity in their lives.

It is my vision that people will be able to have better relationships with themselves, with others and with the planet."

 "A More Fulfilling Life For You!"
  More You |  More Us |  A Better World!
  Copyright Kaptivate Consulting Ltd - September 2008


Where To From Here?

You are welcome to contact me at any time if you would like to set up an introductory appointment or ask any questions.  I am generally able to respond to enquiries within 24 hours, on the next working day.     I also welcome students and trainees from within the helping professions who would like to undertake their own counselling or sandplay therapy process.

f you are a service provider or you have loved ones you would like to refer to me, you are welcome to pass my details to them.  You can call me or send me an email.

Best Wishes - Natasha

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